Last week was a banner week for the Panic Industry. On Tuesday, January 18th, Newsweek published an article called, “Earth’s Core Is Cooling Faster Than Expected, Creating Uncertain Future for Planet“. I’m telling ya, kids. This is exactly what we needed. If the only way to fight fire is with fire, the only way to fight uncertainty is with uncertainty. Pile on the uncertainty, throw in additional layers of speculation and hysteria, and we’ve got ourselves a winning formula.

Get a load of this:

A study … shows Earth’s core is cooling faster than scientists had thought previously. Scientists examined the conductivity of bridgmanite, previously named as the most abundant material in the Earth … By experimenting on bridgmanite using extreme temperatures and pressures … scientists found that bridgmanite is about 1.5 times more conductive of heat than previously thought. Consequently, the heat transfer of the high temperatures found at the center of the Earth to its outer areas, like the molten rock of the mantle and beyond, is happening faster than was previously thought. This has considerable implications … for us surface-dwellers in the future.

It won’t be long until we hear a statement, the logic of which will go something like this: “Because of global warming and planetary cooling, we have climate change, which is entirely anthropogenic. So, we have to pretend we can control it. And some people (we haven’t decided who yet, but they’ll likely be in the Western Hemisphere) have to be blamed and taxed for it.”

Green With Hubris

Sometime shortly after the Hysterics (following their High Priest, Al Gore) founded The Church of the Warming Globe, my friend, Mike Johnson, expressed the prideful, self-absorbed, and self aggrandizing inanity of thinking we were warming the earth — as opposed to attibuting that warming to the roundly ignored activity and influence of the sun — like this: “The sun is a million times the size of earth. Thinking we affect the climate is like a flea thinking he’s making the elephant sweat.”

That’s exactly why last week’s news is so priceless. It will ultimately be subject to this formula:

[factual information] + [rampant misinterpretation] + [political manipulation] + [media misinformation] = government regulation

What I love most about the formula is the reality — the stone fact — that people, having seen that formula play out time after time, will say it couldn’t happen. When they do, they won’t mean it couldn’t happen again. Rather, they’ll be categorically asserting it won’t happen and it’s never happened. How can you witness levels of self-imposed amnesia and abject denial that phenomenal and not be an ardent, incorrigible, and endlessly marveling people-watcher?

As Ye Sow …

One of the guiding precepts of my life is this: Never believe anything until it’s officially denied. That expression has a contemporary corollary: Question everything, especially those things for which questioning is forbidden. We’ve reached the point at which truth is subjective; at which objectivity, empiricism, and critical thinking are dying arts; and at which science is settled.

In a recent survey, 12,831,467 people were asked the question: Do you consider what you believe on any topic to be the absolute truth? Every one of them said yes.

In a separate survey, those same 12,831,467 people were asked to rank the sources of information and judgment they were most likely to trust — the government, the media, or themselves. Here are the results:

Whatever governments and the media are selling, we’re buying — without regard for agenda or intent. From climate to COVID and everything in between we’re accepting what we’re being told, regardless of cost or consequences. We’re sacrificing individual liberty and personal responsibility in the bargain. And now we’ll have to decide whether to freak out because the planet’s getting too hot or to freak out because the planet’s going to get too cold.

Either way, make no mistake: We will be strongly encouraged to freak out.

That’s a bridgmanite too far.