Do You Have a Healthy Email List?

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

4 May 2017

Of course, email marketing is important. We all know it, and we have all read the multitude of statistics that goes along with it. What is more important than creating a captivating email campaign? Keeping your email list healthy and ever-growing.

We are all busy.

I doubt you want to hear about another marketing task you need to spend time on – especially a recurring one. But if you do not take your email list health into account, you will be selling your email-marketing program short. You need to make sure you prepare your list with as much care as you invested in each email you created. If you are sending your email to the wrong people, you probably shouldn’t be sending it at all.

A few tips:

– Always add new contacts or find new ways to promote signing up for future emails.
– Weed through the bad ones. You have to delete email addresses that consistently fail.
– Reach out to your contacts regularly. Bi-monthly is our recommendation.
– Make sure all the people in your sales funnel know they can sign up for emails.

Common Mistake

Sometimes it is easy to buy a list or borrow one from a conference your buddy attended, but those lists are not always healthy. It is always better to add folks to your email list organically than to send an email to people you have not qualified. If you do want to entertain the idea of that conference or purchased list, make sure you go through each name and company to confirm the prospects as valid. And after you send the first email to the list, you have to keep a close watch on the bounces.

I’ve Seen It

I have sent out countless email campaigns for many companies. I can tell you: The large, purchased lists net less than a 20% open rate. Organically grown lists net about a 40% open rate.

Bottom line? Giving your email list periodic check-ups will yield healthier campaign results.