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The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

The OCG Blog

The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

Life In The Fast Lane

Adapting and re-formulating your plans is necessary. Being static won’t get you ahead. A new destination may be one you were meant to conquer all along.

Some Things Never Change

I saw the photo above on the Web the other day. It opened the floodgates. One day in early 1970, I was at the home of a friend, a neighbor who lived across the street from my childhood home. His name was Paul. He wanted me to hear the new Zenith console stereo his...

Indian Summer

The business world will always ebb and flow, so you have to be flexible, or you will lose the people who matter most: Your clients!

Money Isn’t Everything

One of my favorite quotes, particularly as it pertains to bureaucratic organizations of any stripe, is this: We tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion,...


People are complex beings made up of different experiences, driven by their brains’ generalizations, and trying to prosper in a sometimes-senseless world.

Be Nice

I can't even tell you how badly I want to be making this up. Harvard Business Review (HBR) published an article called, "The Benefits of Saying Nice Things About Your Colleagues". As I read, I didn't know my jaw was hanging slack. But my panic at noticing the front of...

A Key to Success

No one in the history of humans has ever had the brain capacity to understand everything. It’s a fact. But who should you trust?

Stop the World

Stop the world. That's right. Slam on the brakes. Lock 'em up. Bring the orbital spin to a screeching halt. And let the planet stand in hushed, anticipatory awe. Another generation has arrived. Oh, joy. We haven't yet completed the onslaught of all the re-inventing we...

Is Patience a Virtue?

I have always preferred to think of myself as an empathetic person, but I don’t think I was always as patient as I have become in the last two years.

The Irony Man Competition

The Irony Man Competition My Dad was a Marine. My next-younger brother is Keith. When we were kids, Mom was forever taking us to the doctor for those booster shots every kid was required to get, seemingly every other week. We were never sure exactly what they were...

I Want My Turn

I Want My Turn I saw another one of those really annoying informercials on LinkedIn the other day. This one — "How to Escape the VP of Sales Hamster Wheel" — was particularly irksome because of its pernicious pastiche of presumptuousness and pedantry. Get this: The...

Social Media

We need to set some limits and remind ourselves that it is good to also get out there and have face-to-face meetings with other humans.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received

The Best Advice I've Ever Received A friend and professional colleague, Rob Berg, recently brought a LinkedIn post to my attention. He liked it. Because Rob and I are connected on LinkedIn, I saw it. And because the day after the celebration of  Labor Day in the...

Hurricane Harvey

Please take this portion of your day to donate blood, money, or time to victims of Hurricane Harvey. With over 13 million affected, every bit helps.

Driven to Drink

Driven to Drink If I should meet my demise suddenly or unexpectedly, please be assured that I will have died a happy man. I've now — officially, unequivocally, indelibly, and horrifyingly — seen it all. The Hidrate Spark has arrived. (Insert primal scream here.) You...

Think Before You Socialize

There are a few phrases that give me the willies when it comes to client relations, and one of them is “Looks great, now I’ll socialize it!”

Unicorns, Honest Politicians, and Other Mythical Creatures

I became aware of an article in the Wall Street Journal the other day that grabbed me by the attention and shook me into contemplation. It was called, "Investors Bet on Unicorn for Spinning Classes". Since I was unable to read the complete article from the source...

Write With Personality

We finally seem to be waking up to the fact that our writing skills are going the way of empiricism, common sense, and critical thinking. As a result, there seems to be a spate of how-to missives purporting to impart some magic formula or other, guaranteed to make our...

Let the World Go ‘Round

Whether financial stability, diversity in passion, or the need to touch everything defines your happiness, more power to you. We all tick in different ways.

Locked In

Lock-in is a business concept that I thought we’d seen the last of after the United States vs Microsoft Corp. It seems I was wrong…

Toe the Whine

It may have escaped your notice, as it did mine, that May 25 was (is) National Wine Day. Just what we need. Learning of National Wine Day made me realize we've reached the point in our cultural history at which we should seriously consider adding another commemorative...

Time Flies

As the 3rd quarter passes and we prepare for 4th quarter hibernation, here’s a look at three notable changes in an otherwise unremarkable year.

Leaves of Grass

My wife and I live in a very small community (21 homes). The community is governed (to our unending chagrin) by a homeowners association. My wife (God bless her) is president of the association. As such, she routinely receives all manner of crank communications from...


The worst parts of us don’t have to define us. Our brains don’t have to define us. But what we are able to overcome should always define us.

Peeling Harvard Business Review’s Onion

I harbor a nagging suspicion that Harvard Business Review (HBR) is secretly buying its content from The Onion. I think so for myriad reasons, many of which have inspired posts in this very blog. But one of HBR's recent missives seems intended to remove all doubt: "How...

Maybe Its Your Tone

Your character and attitude can play a big part in creating a bond with your prospects and proving your authority on the topic at hand.

The Fog of (Marketing) Language

A presumably well-intended bloke from Australia — Anton Buchner, a senior consultant with TrinityP3, "Global Marketing Management Consultants" — wrote a presumably well-intentioned informercial, which he attempted to disguise as a blog post entitled, "Marketing...

Time Management

Being organized and knowing how to go about your day effectively seems like a task that would be easy to teach someone, especially for those who can do it.

5 More Questions Leaders Should Be Asking All the Time

You may or may not be happy to know Harvard Business Review (HBR) is still at it. That's right. The venerable publication seems hell-bent on retaining its status as the business world's most prestigious purveyor of puerile palaver and preposterous prattle. More power...

The Color Green

If someone were looking for insight from a professional female between the ages of 30-35 for some target market research, I would like you to know that green gives me a feeling of freshness, newness, and peacefulness.

The Leadership Vortex

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been worried about Harvard Business Review for quite some time. In addition to the fact that the brain-trust seems to have gone brain-dead, the editorial staff seems to have taken permanent leave, and the rest of the...