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The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

The OCG Blog

The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

Experiencing the Customer-Experience Experience

In January, a gentleman who's one of my LinkedIn connections and whose thinking I admire greatly, published an article that gave me pause. It was called, "4 Customer Experience Trends and Predictions for 2018". I wanted to take it at face value and believe every word...

TOM of ToM

Theory of Mind (ToM) is an ability that humans develop in their early lives that allows them to understand others and to fully function in our social society. Several cognitive skills are required to be able to be so fully functional.

Ageism is Getting Old

Enough already with ageism. I may be insensitive. But I'm not young. And ageism is just another card played from the ever-growing deck of victimhood. It's another special interest. It's childish and irresponsible because this is its underlying message: It's not my...


I am sure you can understand the feeling — the first time you were given a key to close the building, dropping off a large cash deposit, logging into the back end of your website, or being left alone with your baby for the first time.

What We Did On Our Spring Vacation

This past weekend, my wife and I had the opportunity to flee the confines of Connecticut for the pampering peace of the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, Vermont. As we drove north on I-91 Friday afternoon, we encountered flourishing fusillades of flying flurries....

Digital Transformation

I was recently involved in a LinkedIn thread in which digital transformation was being discussed. Since I don't understand what digital transformation means — and since I didn't get the sense from any of the other comments in the thread that any of the other...

Words Matter

Specific colors can evoke specific feelings, just as specific words can evoke specific feelings. How does the word punch make you feel? Or herpetology? Or moist? Some words may even make you feel uncomfortable when they are meant as complimentary.

April Fools

We have to wonder at the pandemic extent to which our gullibility is running rampant when even the Easter Bunny falls for the notion that we might actually celebrate Easter on April Fool's Day. We have to wonder. But we can't be surprised. Consider just two examples:...


Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Being on the marketing side of this equation, I have met members of many sales forces. For some of them, it’s difficult to take a step back and simplify their messages.

Death by Automation

If you don't think the world is coming to an end soon — or, at the very least, that the world economy will be reduced to smoking rubble by automation — it's only because you haven't read this article in Harvard Business Review (HBR): "Why the Automation Boom Could Be...

Indian Winter

This past October was a phenomenon known as an “Indian Summer”. Five months later, and we are experiencing another climatic episode. I’m going to call it an “Indian Winter”. We have officially begun spring and are experiencing a snow storm – the second one this month.

The First Day of Spring: Weather or Not

Today is the first day of Spring. But in case you've been away from The Weather Channel for a while, global warming has made it a rough year so far in New England. And we may get another six to twelve inches of heat wave dumped on us in the next 24 hours. Here in...

Daylight Saving Time: The Meeting

I often fantasize about being in the first meetings about things. The notion occurred to me originally when I took my inaugural drive across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. I imagined that first meeting in which the attendees tried to figure out a way to get cars...

What’s the Matter?

One of my LinkedIn connections shared an article over the weekend. Entitled, "What matters in advertising this year", it reminded me that it takes some people longer to see things coming than it takes others. Let's refer to such people as Group A. There's are other...

Thrive or Collapse?

If the question is, “Will we thrive or will we collapse?” I am willing to bet on the former. We are a hearty bunch. Millennials are not the first generation that seemed to be screwed or overly lazy.

Bill Chinnock: A Remembrance

Wednesday of this week will mark the passing of a man, 11 years ago, about and from whom you likely know and have heard little. His name was Bill Chinnock. A product of the music scenes of Asbury Park, New Jersey; Nashville, Tennessee; and Portland, Maine, Bill took...

What’s Your Objective?

No matter what type of campaign you are trying to run, your first question should always be: What is the objective? And if objective seems a pinch formal, let’s just ask: What do you want to achieve?

Green With Acronyms

Green With Acronyms I don't lean toward tree-hugging. But I support and respect the architectural precepts of green building and sustainable reuse. Because I'm a human being with senses of observation and humor, I also love the preternaturally human propensity to make...

A Habitual Brain

We all have the same basic brain tissue. But depending on about one hundred billion different things, the outcomes of our thinking is almost always different. No two humans are alike. We are motivated and demotivated differently. We make choices that may seem completely insane to other humans.

Too Smart to Chart

Last October, an article ran in Scientific American called, "Why Do Smart People Do Foolish Things?" It questioned the meanings of smart and intelligent, and it suggested we might be taken aback to learn something we likely already know: You may be surprised to learn...

Epidemic Surrogacy

Epidemic Surrogacy I grew up, quite happily, with one Mom, one Dad, and the naïve conviction that I was all set. Apparently, not so much. In fact, there seems to be a sociopolitical trend toward what retired Northwestern University professor, Joseph Epstein, labeled...


TOM, DICK, and HARRY Starting in the 1950s — the decade in which the discipline of strategic management was created as an alternative to happenstance, random occurrence, chaos, favoritism, nepotism, and blind luck — strategic management begat the operating model which...

Can Pit Bulls Be Trusted?

Can Pit Bulls Be Trusted? The dog in the photo above is Eddie. I know that because he's mine. He can be trusted. I know that, too, because he's mine. In fact, he can be trusted so completely, the cat in the photo trusts him. The cat's name is Sammy. I know that...

Robo Slop

Harvard Business Review (HBR) is at it again. That's right. It gives me no pleasure to report that its esteemed editors saw fit to run a piece of banal baloney called, "Robo-Advisers Are Coming to Consulting and Corporate Strategy". It resisted all attempts at charity...

Simulated Anesthesia

Simulated Anesthesia I happened to see a posting the other day for a series of training sessions on Simulated Anesthesia. At first, I assumed the sessions were intended to teach the uninitiated and the still-interesting how to conduct corporate meetings, since the...

Gas Neutrality

Gas Neutrality I'm absolutely livid. But before I tell you why, here's the back story: When I came back from Woodstock, I was appalled to realize how much money I'd spent on gas. Nobody made me go. And nobody made me spend the money. But I decided to tinker with the...

Anyone Seen Al Gore?

If you happen to be one of those climate skeptics, you know, the ones who think science is ... well ... science, rather than some ideological consensus or a political popularity contest, this headline ought to jar your preserves: "Bomb cyclone blasts East Coast,...

The Scope Creep

The Scope Creep We found the guy. No. Really. We found the actual Scope Creep. It turns out he's a dude named Delbert Furgulak, one of only 64 residents (as of the 2,000 census) of Unimak Island, the first island in the Aleutian chain that begins at the southern end...

New Year, New Family Member

The New Year will be extra exciting for the Bennett family. This January, we will be welcoming our second child, a son. His due date is January 12th, but we know he could come at any time.

Meltdown Over Hot-Melts

Meltdown Over Hot-Melts Prelude Long ago, in a land far, far away, I worked at an advertising agency. (Since the owner of the agency didn't have a sense of humor and tended to be litigious, I won't name him or the agency here.) One of our clients was a company that...

Always Choose Quality

This year, I want to challenge myself, and you. Let’s try to make the time with family and friends something joyous. Let’s leave all the worry behind.

Blaising Emails

Blaising Email I don't know how many of you noticed, but Common Sense died in October. That's right. Its obituary was published as an article in Fast Company entitled, "4 Ways To Make Your Painfully Long Email Shorter". The obituary alludes to the long life and proven...

Social Media Contests

In today’s social media driven environment, one of the best ways to get publicity is by having your target audiences talk about you on social platforms.

The Big Spin

The Big Spin One of the things I love about getting older (there are many) is that I get to see The Little Wheel turn many times. The Little Wheel is a smaller, less consequential part of The Big Wheel. It spins faster. It gets people excited. It attracts more...


We will never be successful if we try to be jacks of all trades. Knowing your strengths and focusing your energy on those will always lead to triumph.

Nothing Up My Sleeve

Nothing Up My Sleeve While perusing my Facebook feed, I saw a notice for a local event. The notice was promoting a marketing seminar by, and I quote directly, a former illusionist. If you're anything like me, you haven't even gotten to this third sentence yet because...

What’s Your Message?

In today’s fast-paced, information- and opinion-overloaded society, it is easy to overlook the individuality of our prospects and clients. But we have to if we want to uncover their individual message.

Full Circle

Full Circle That clicking sound you just heard was the latch on the loop closing because we've finally come full circle. The closing of that loop has become so obvious that Adweek ran an article noting its closure during the summer entitled, "Why Brands Should Shift...


I hope we can all remember to be thankful for all we have this year – the good and the bad.

Everything is True … Until It’s Not

Everything is True ... Until It's Not I can't tell you how many times a day people walk up to me and ask, "OB, what the hell's wrong with the news?" My stock response is this: "There are two things wrong: (1) In the slanted, hyperbolic tripe it's peddling, the news...

You’re Not Alone

Ever have one of those days where every time you tried to accomplish even one simple task, it took entirely too long? You’re not alone.

How Many Innovators Can Dance On the Head Of a Pin?

How Many Innovators Can Dance On the Head Of a Pin? If you go to Wikipedia and look up the age-old question — how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? — this is part of what you'll find: In modern usage, it ... has been used as a metaphor for wasting time...

Daylight Savings Time

Most of the time the word savings evokes happy thoughts. Saving money, saving time, and saving energy are some that come to mind.

Live and Active Cultures

Live and Active Cultures For as many things as pass through my active but feeble imagination on any given day, it never occurred to me to correlate yogurt with working environments. But then two things happened almost simultaneously: I read the label on a container of...


Black is my favorite color. Every car I have owned is black, both of my dogs are black, and my engagement ring is a black diamond.

We’re Only Human

My wife, Anne, and I went to a local diner for breakfast this past Saturday morning. (The establishment shall remain unnamed lest it become the target of harassment or forced closure by The American Heart Association, The American College of Cardiology, The American...

The Cat Came Back

Adapting and re-formulating your plans is necessary. Being static won’t get you ahead. A new destination may be one you were meant to conquer all along.