Summer Solstice

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

June 20, 2024

It’s officially the longest day of the year, folks. Happy Summer Solstice! And what a beautiful day it is.

If you’ve followed my blog during previous summer seasons, you’ll know about my love for gardening. I have flowers, fruits, and vegetables thriving on my lovely little plot of land. Each year – much like in real life – I try to incorporate some new elements of beauty and positivity to my home. For the last 365 days, I’d like to pat myself on the back and acknowledge the advancement I’ve made in my yoga practice. I feel a newfound strength both mentally and physically, and I’m proud of myself for the work I’ve put in. When it comes to my garden, this May, I purchased my first rosebush – an Enchanted Peace Rosebush. And I must say, I’m quite pleased with this addition. Though it has yielded only one rose so far, I’m confident it’s the perfect addition to my garden.


Every morning since I saw the first bud, I’ve run out to look at the beautiful transformation of this flower. It started ten days ago, on June 10th. Initially, a tiny green bud formed with small spikes cradling it protectively. As the days passed, the green cocoon began to drop, revealing a rose bud. The first pedals boasted a rich red hue that gradually faded into the anticipated yellow pedals. And where those two colors mixed, a vibrant coral shade emerged, reminiscent of a sunset’s ombre effect.

On June 17th, I captured a photo of this exquisite flower as its pedals began to unfurl. While the outside pedals retained a small bit of coral, the inner pedals remain a vibrant yellow – Pantone 102 C to be exact. And while I was slightly disappointed by the diminishing coral and red tones, I remained excited to witness the transformation of this magnificent rose. I sang to her that night. A made-up song about loving her presence here and the joy she brought me.

The very next day, as if the rose was showing off, she opened multiple layers of her pedals. What a stunning sight! While the first layer of pedals were still tinged with coral, the rest of the flower was a paler yellow – Pantone 100. She was beautiful but much less vibrant, leaving me somewhat crestfallen that the colors had so quickly faded from her radiant start.


In the last three days, the color of my Enchanted Rose has changed each time I’ve looked at it. I wish I could sit outside for hours and watch the transformation in real time. Gradually, the outer edges of each petal began shifting back to the early coral shade, then transitioning to a deep pink. Today, the entire flower has turned coral, with only a small portion of the innermost petals retaining some yellow. I eagerly await tomorrow to see what new hues will emerge with each new bloom.

On this Summer Solstice, I encourage you to go outside and cherish one piece of nature. Take whatever time you can to marvel at the beauty our planet offers us. Whether people, animals, or plants, we all have a purpose here. Let’s take a moment to reflect on those reasons and appreciate every transformation we are blessed to experience.