Brand Management and Marketing Communication

We analyze your business, evaluate your brand and its differentiators, validate your value propositions, develop the most effective positioning strategy, create efficient communications tactics, and fully manage their execution.

Here’s a brief introduction to what we do and how well we do it.


We assess brands, identify competitors, determine target audience(s), catalog objectives, create plans for achieving those objectives, create programs and campaigns to tactically execute those plans, and provide the metrics for determining success and the means by which to measure it.

Here’s how we treat strategy.


Even the greatest strategy means nothing without tactical follow-through. That’s why we create everything from websites to to email campaigns, from blogs to web and print ads, from feature articles to social media programs. We keep our clients on the right track, and we make sure they keep moving.

Here’s how we determine tactics.

Our Clients

We’ve represented and continue to represent some of the most recognizable brands in insurance software and services. Acting as their de facto marketing departments, to date, we’ve positioned nine of those brands effectively enough that they were acquired by other brands.

As with any relationship, the success of our relationship with the OCG team is attributable to the fact that we took the time to know and trust each other going in. After that, the success took care of itself.

Chris Haines

CEO, Marias Technology

O’Brien Communications Group has been a constant source of inspiration over our six-year relationship. I know that I can rely on Mark & JoAnna to help us with our communication strategy and content development. Even with minimal input, they continue to amaze me with their fresh ideas and solid writing.

Jenny Morgan

Global Marketing, msg global solutions, Inc.

We refined the graphic presentation of our brand before we hired OCG. But we weren’t sure how to effectively position and promote it. They started with a strategic Discovery Session, then created tactical activities to raise brand awareness and to help grow our business. They now function as our marketing department. We remain grateful we chose to engage them.

Kurt Diederich

President and CEO, Finys

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This Month’s Thought Leadership Comic

In the three years since we introduced Thought Leadership, it’s consistently been the most viewed page on our website. It’s sparked discussions on LinkedIn, on Twitter, and on our blog. And it’s helped break the ice with some otherwise serious prospects.

Thought Leadership - O'Brien Communications Group

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