JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

April 18, 2024

Are you an avid podcast listener? What are some of your favorite shows? There are times I wish I could be more into this trend, but I’ve never been a podcast person. I can listen to a handful of them on different interesting topics, but when it comes to getting hooked on a specific show or host, it’s not for me. Perhaps it has to do with auditory processing and how I tend to absorb more through reading – but with podcasts I always find myself becoming distracted or missing a salient point.

However, I am a people person and love talking with all kinds of individuals. In a deep and energizing conversation, I can focus and absorb all the information my counterpart has imparted to me. Therefore, while I do not like listening to podcasts, I do enjoy being on them. And yesterday, I had the opportunity to do just that. I was a panelist on the Rising Beyond Podcast hosted by Sybil Cummin and had a wonderful chat with two wonderful ladies.


I’ll share the link when the podcast goes live, but one of my favorite parts of participating in a podcast is the energetic feeling I get afterwards. There is something special about sharing parts of my story, tidbits of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way, and titles of books that have helped mold my current perspective on life. And during today’s podcast I thought more deeply about relationships and individuality.

There is no one way to conquer life. We all have our own individual journeys. The paths we follow and the paths we forge will always be unique. While our parents, friends, or society may want us to perform a certain way in this game called life, we can only truly begin to live when we embrace our own journey and find what drives us. As Cleo Wade wrote in What the Road Said, “All things grow and change. That is the magic of being alive. You, too, will find your wings. You, too, will bloom. No living thing is meant to stay the same.”

Life will always throw out challenges for us to tackle. Some may be easy to conquer, while others may take years to overcome. But we need to embrace the change it brings. We need to find our way to the future as individuals who accept all we are and have become. Only then will we be able to embrace those around us in the same loving acceptance.

And who knows, maybe in time my disinterest in podcasts will change. I could very well evolve into an avid podcast listener. Only time will tell.