JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

June 15, 2023

By the time my next blog post goes live, it will officially be summer. The kids are off from school. The weather is getting hotter. My garden is in bloom. And the weekends will consist of either beach or pool time on a consistent basis. Let me be frank: I love the summer.


Before I dive into a full romantic monologue about my feelings for the summertime, I want to be sure to state that I am grateful to live in an area where I can experience the full breadth of the seasons. I like each one for what it brings to the table. So, I’m loath to say summer is my favorite season. If I had to pick one season to live in for perpetuity, I doubt I’d pick summer. I’d likely pick one more moderate. But since I get to experience all four, I think summer is the high point. Here’s why.


During the school year, we have to set the alarm during the week. I need to make sure there is enough time for loving attention aimed at two separate children to start their days on the right foot. I also need to make sure there is enough time for breakfast, packing lunches, teeth brushing, getting dressed, brushing hair, and other tactical morning items. We have to be ready in time for the bus. After school, we have activities to get to. It’s a rush of schedules, activities, and pressure.

But in the summer, all of that goes out the window. We can stay up a bit later at night. The kids can sleep in the forts they built in the living room. We can wake up without the assistance of an alarm blaring. And we can spend multiple hours a day running around the backyard barefoot playing with our chickens and eating the bounty of snacks from our garden. We get to be more present. We get to feel the contentment of the moment. 

As Marcus Aurelius said, “Give yourself a gift: the present moment.”

As I said before, I adore each season for what it has to offer. And while at times in the bitter cold of the winter, I may wish for the warm summer sun, I try to remind myself to be grateful in the present. And here and now, I’m bidding the spring a pleasant farewell. I’m grateful for the sun and the rain it brought. But now it’s time to embrace the summer as it approaches.