How To Properly Read an Email

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

6 April 2017

In today’s spam-ridden email world, it seems as if some folks have forgotten how to properly read an email. Being in account management, I send out my fair share of email correspondence each day and am truly baffled at how little people read what I have written, especially if there is an attachment.

Example A

To my surprise the reply was as follows:

To: JoAnna Bennett
From: Client
Subject: Re: Marketing Sell Sheet

thought it would be 1 sided.

To which I replied:

And the email thread ended with this beautiful note.

To: JoAnna Bennett
From: Client
Subject: Re: Marketing Sell Sheet

good asis. ty for explaining. I like it.

Sometimes being a calm, patient, and cheerful account manager can be rather difficult. I really wanted to reply, “REALLY NITWIT?? Did you miss that from my first email? Please open your eyes and read what I said the first time.” But that may cost us an account; and as a toddler’s mother, my patience level has increased exponentially. So I take a deep breath and a sip of coffee and begin my email with “You are correct!”


How To Read Your Email

Okay, maybe I have gotten away from the topic at hand.

Step 1. Turn off all distractions.

Step 2. Open email.

Step 3. Read each sentence.

It is that simple. If you follow the three-step process above, I promise you will be able to read your own email. If not, please make sure you send all the account managers you communicate with a gift once per year.

We know you are busy. We all are. But please, read your email!