Summer, Summer, Summertime

JoAnna Bennett
JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

8 June 2017

Well, it’s June 8th and still doesn’t feel like spring in the Northeast. We have had a handful of sunny, warm, and beautiful days (which I am grateful for) but the rain and cold seems to have become the norm. The phrase we learned in kindergarten was April Showers Bring May Flowers. This year it is more like April Showers Bring May and June Showers. The rain is useful in a ton of ways, including promoting the growth of the fungus that kills gypsy moth caterpillars. But when it comes to my vitamin D levels and general well-being, I am in desperate need of some more sunshine!

The official start of summer in June 21, 2017 – the day after my Great Dane’s birthday. I am hopeful in a few weeks’ time the sun will decide to shine again and we can resume a normal summer. In my blog post last week, I delved into the topic of how to make the right decisions. And I must admit, when the dreariness has me down, it’s a bit harder to make the right choices especially when it comes to people.

We are all human.

Sometimes, especially during first meetings, I find it hard to remember that one singular contact doesn’t define a person. I am sure a Strategy and Planning session on the fifth rainy day in a row would have a much different outcome on a pleasant spring day. We know that your weekly email campaign should go out on Tuesday because our target audience (also humans) has a better attention span on certain days as opposed to others. Knowing all three of the above points, it simply shows that as humans we should give each other more leeway to be … well human.

When your boss makes a snide remark and walks in his office, don’t assume he is a tyrant ready to fire you at a moment’s notice. Take a step back and accept that he is having a bad morning. Or if your secretary forgets to schedule two meetings in one week, don’t assume she is incompetent. If she is usually on the ball, then something is probably up and maybe you should ask her.

All I am saying is that we are much better people on a normal basis than we are on our worst day. And when stress or the lack of sunshine has ya down, your attitude may rub people the wrong way. There isn’t much we can do besides accept that it happens, be cognizant that others go through it, and try to be our best selves.