Two Rules for Marketing

JoAnna Bennett
JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

20 July 2017

To some, marketing may seem like a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Others may view it as a necessary evil when they go into business. But when it comes to marketers, we tend to view ourselves as psychologists, theorists, performers, and trendsetters.

In any given day, we need to manage several brands, create new brands, and tell those brand’s stories. Since every brand has a distinct voice, each brand needs its own strategy, its own objectives, its own marketing plan, and its own day-to-day tactical activities that need to be completed. That’s to say nothing of the wide array of folks at each company that need to be consulted and informed.

There is no question that marking becomes an art. And even though most arts don’t have hard and fast “rules”, we have two. We abide by them every day. And yes they are in our employee handbook:

Rule # 1. You must have fun.

Rule #2. If you don’t follow rule #1, you are doing it wrong.

Okay, so technically I suppose that is only one rule, but I am sure you get the point. There is no specific prescription a marketing department can follow to achieve success. And if you are a third-party marketer that represents many brands, you must be aware that each client is different. Each brand voice must be cultivated and allowed to grow with the company. All of this should happen harmoniously.

Marketing reminds me of dance: You can have great music, perfectly practiced choreography, and a costume to die for — but if you forget to smile, you will blow the whole performance. Beyond that, no two dance performances could ever be the same. Even if the same song is used or you have the same costumes, there will be a specific uniqueness to each.

And just like dance, marketing may have its moments of frustration or exhaustion. You may be practicing very hard or staying up all night to hit a deadline, but at the end of the day there must be that essential element of fun.

If not, you’re doing it wrong.