What will it cost to work with OCG? That’s the question everyone asks. The truth is we don’t know … yet. But we do know three things: (1) We balance the work, the budget, and the timetable in the equation. (2) The value we contribute to your business will far exceed its price. (3) We structure our pricing to benefit our clients. Always.

This might be a better question: What will it cost if you don’t work with us?

Business Model

We love our work. Spending our clients’ time tracking ours? Not so much. Writing estimates and invoices? Uh uh. That’s why we don’t bill by the hour or the project.

Instead, we scope the work indicated during our discovery process. We determine the term of an initial engagement in which to get the work done (12 months, typically). We assign a fee to that work. We divide that fee by the number of months in the engagement. And we give our clients one flat, predictable monthly invoice. No sticker shock. No up-charges. No surprises.

Complete Transparency

We pass all out-of-pocket expenses through to our clients at net. No mark-ups on vendor invoices. No media commissions on advertising buys. No kick-backs on equipment like tradeshow booths. Nothing. Ever.

Those out-of-pocket costs may include:

  • Print production
  • Advertising Space
  • Press-Release Distribution
  • Travel Expenses
  • Stock Imagery Charges
  • Email Distribution Charges.

If we make a tactical recommendation, we want you to be sure it’s in your best interest — not our financial interest — to take that recommendation. That’s good faith, good will, and good business. And it’s the only way we work.

Marketing is an Investment

Treating marketing as an expense is the rough equivalent of exposing your company to a vampire: The life will be sucked out of it, and it’ll no longer have a reflection. Making the decision to treat marketing as an investment, rather than an expense — to infuse your business with new life, rather than to drain the source of its vitality — will ensure your company’s prosperity. And it’ll reassure the members of your target audience that you have as much faith in your brand as you want them to.

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