Strategic Services

The first and most strategic thing we do is listen to our clients. That’s how we assess their brands, identify their competitors, determine their target audience(s), catalog their objectives, create strategic plans for achieving those objectives, create the programs and campaigns with which to tactically execute those strategic plans, and provide the metrics for determining success and the means by which to measure it. NASA doesn’t send rockets into space without a plan. We don’t send our clients to market without one.

Brand & Culture Analysis

Most companies are surprised to learn they have a brand, even if they don’t yet have a name or a graphic identity. To create your graphic identity, we need to reveal your brand — its personality, its attributes, and its story. We need to evaluate the relationship of the brand story to your corporate culture. We need to see how you interact with each other and your customers. The value of our discovery process is that it reveals all those brand aspects and the ways in which they translate into your culture.

Creative Concepting

With your brand and your culture revealed, we don’t create its graphic and verbal reflections, its visual manifestation and its voice. Rather, having found your brand and your culture, we give them back to you. Without being informed by the revelations of discovery, our creative work would just be arbitrary — art, rather than design; words, rather than meaningful expression. It’s our job to use design and language to express your differentiating value engagingly and persuasively to every member of your target audience, to extend your graphic language to every element of your communications program.

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Brand Management

Like every other living thing, your brand requires attention and care. Environments change. Market conditions change. Needs and opportunities change. As your brand evolves and matures in response, it must be tended, nurtured, and guided appropriately. We stand by our clients’ brands, guiding them through their evolutions and maturations, ensuring they remain accurate reflections of our clients’ differentiating values — and that they continue to engender emotional connections with members of their target audiences.

Project Management

Marketing programs involves many discrete elements and activities. We collaborate with our clients — as well as third-party players like printers, tradeshow and conference administrators, booth vendors, publishers, advertising reps, and more — to ensure all of those elements and activities continue to support our clients’ brands and their objectives. We provide full-time account management to work with the myriad parties to our clients programs and to direct each project from inception to completion. And we schedule weekly meetings with all our clients to keep every activity on track.

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