JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

2 November 2017

According to Color Psychology, the color black has many meanings. It can have negative connotations, or it can suggest formality and elegance. It can stand for fear and grief or strength and authority. But most important to me, it is my favorite color. Since I have been able to choose, every car I have owned is black, both of my dogs are black, and my engagement ring is a black diamond.

Perhaps this means my personality or my preferences are as varied as the implications of black suggested above. Or maybe it just means that I am a little darker than the average human. I know I am not alone in my adoration for the color black: there are many people like me who enjoy Halloween, skulls, scary movies, and all things Tim Burton. If there weren’t, there would be no market for those types of things. And though I am not unique, I do think the folks who enjoy the darker side of life may be a minority. But when you are looking at a minority of such a large population, there is still room for folks to market to us. Thank goodness!

Now don’t get me wrong. I can totally appreciate the beauty of many colors. Green for example is another one that is high on my favorites list. I also enjoy a deep burgundy, the color of my favorite beverage, red wine! And when autumn hits and the trees are a cornucopia of colors, that bright red stands out and reminds me of the white and brown that are soon to become the winter color palette.

But when someone asks – which happens more than you think when you have children and young nephews – “What’s your favorite color?” my answer will always be black. Strength, authority, elegance, and a little fear seems to be a perfect combination for a freak like me.

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween earlier this week! I know I didn’t mention, but did I have to? It’s my favorite holiday!