The Color Green
JoAnna Bennett
JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group
22 June 2017
Thankfully, I was able to spend some significant time outside this weekend. A few times I noticed myself staring off into the trees and grass, in awe at how beautiful the differing shades of green blended together. Even now, I am getting distracted staring out my window at all the green gloriousness as it spreads as far as my eye can see.

My window ends exactly where the sky begins, so the only other colors in my view are some brown patches in the grass (thanks, free-range chickens) and the stone that surrounds my driveway. When the breeze blows through my open window, I can smell the dew and am certain the additional oxygen fuels my brain. Chirping birds and the sound of the leaves rustling give me senses of peace and rejuvenation.

If someone were looking for insight from a professional female between the ages of 30-35 for some target market research, I would like you to know that green gives me a feeling of freshness, newness, and peacefulness. Just seeing the lush nature all around makes me thankful for the rainy days that were able to contribute to such magnificence.

My Green is Not Your Green

My verdant musings notwithstanding — and bearing in mind that this post does appear on a marketing site — I do not think it is appropriate for every company to run to their nearest graphic designer and have their logo and collateral pieces turned green – we are not in The Merry Old Land of Oz. I do think that if your brand is looking to evoke the feelings I describe above, perhaps you should consider it or reach out to a professional for further insight.

Have you thought about how colors affect your target audience? What is your brand’s intended message? Are you evoking the right feelings in folks? Or is your logo red because you like it?

This color emotion guide and post may help you answer some of those questions and also may make you think about your color choices in the future. It is important to always keep your target market in the forefront of your mind when working on any type of marketing task.

Unless you are a member of the target audience, your personal opinions and preferences should not be taken into account.