Doing Good Things

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

24 August 2017

Before I begin my missive this week, I would like to draw attention to my coworker’s blog from yesterday. While many of us resume normal life, there is an enormous disaster effecting many Americans. NPR has assembled a list of charities in need of our help.

During tragedy, many people come together and create positive change. In my small part of Connecticut, there is a drive to collect non-perishables to fill up a rig and drive it to Texas. I know towns across the country are doing the same. Mr. Rogers once told a story about what his mother would tell him when he saw scary things in the news. She had a great point, “Always look for the helpers.” When things seem scary and you don’t know what to do, help. Be one of the helpers.

We all have plenty of full-time personal responsibilities. I have a child with an early bedtime, several indoor and outdoor pets, a full-time job, a household, a meeting an hour away from home, and a husband who works second shift. But you better believe I am going to bring myself to the store and drop off items that can be helpful during a crisis; e.g., water, diapers, formula, and food. I know a few linemen who are on their way to Texas to help with rebuilding efforts. I know others who have donated money to one of the various charities in the trenches. My measly trip to the store is miniscule compared to the herculean efforts of others.

I often write about different types of people I encounter in my personal and professional life. I enjoy learning about how individuals tick and learning to coexist with all types of people. When you are in account management, you must understand your clients before you can provide the best service. Using a telemarketing script for any given client will not increase your satisfaction rating. Each client or prospect has a different personality, quirk, or passion. But we all have the power to come together and do good things. And this week I hope you find some time to make a small difference in the large issue facing our fellow humans, my fellow Americans.