Indian Summer
JoAnna Bennett
JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group
12 October 2017
If you live in the Northeastern U.S., you may have noticed the weather is rather warm for mid-October. Since my birthday is on the Ides of October, I have a strong connection to early fall. And I am usually wearing a light (or sometimes heavy) jacket by this time of year. I always enjoy the change in weather and get ready to embrace the new year ahead. I love having a birthday that falls during a time of change. Seeing the beautiful trees transition from a serene green to all the vibrant colors of the fall color palette transitions my mind and prepares me for the frigid months ahead. But this year we are experiencing something know as Indian Summer. While the ticks may be unseasonably active and annoying my dogs, I have to admit to loving the extra Vitamin D and extended use of my summer wardrobe. I have noticed that some folks on social media talk about this phenomenon as if it were the first time for this type of weather in October. But considering the phrase Indian Summer was coined in the 1800s, I am willing to bet it has happened before. Just because some things are out of the realm of normal, doesn’t mean they have never happened before or that they are ominous. The world is constantly changing, whether it’s in ways personal, business, or weather-related. Accordingly, there will always be clients who need you to hone new skills or climb out of your comfort zone to make recommendations or alterations. And being able to embrace change and adjust our sails can strengthen and solidify client relationships. When a client sees you go over and above for them, they tend to notice and stick around. Who wants to work with an idle curmudgeon? Folks want to work with people who can adjust to change and make them feel as if their needs are being met. And if you don’t know the answer to something, (e.g., why is it 75 degrees in October?) admit it! Don’t form an opinion in a silo and push your views on others. Be flexible. Commit to making adjustments if the outcome is not what you anticipated. You guessed right … it is vital to track your outcomes and adjust those sails if need be.
The business world will always ebb and flow, so you have to be flexible, or you will lose the people who matter most: Your clients!