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Top 5 Things I Love
About Our Clients

Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos

12 July 2017

The internet is filled with Top 5 Lists. Usually they presume you’re an idiot who doesn’t know your job (“Top 5 Best Practices”) or are thinly veiled way to complain (“Top 5 Pet Peeves”). But today I’d like to show a little love for our clients — past and present. Together we’ve done and are doing amazing things. This list is for you.

#1: The Collaborative Approach
Some service providers prefer to dictate and some prefer to obey. Our approach blends and oscillates between the two, and some of the best times we’ve had with clients involved a phone call, a screen cast, a frank exchange of ideas, criticisms, and advice, and a final product everybody was happy with.

#2: Diverse Challenges
I happen to be the digital handyman. I design. I make websites. I build apps. I teach. I present. I love it all. And the best thing about our clients is that there’s always something new to learn, some challenge they bring to the table, or some way they push our existing abilities to new levels.

#3: The Accolades
I won’t lie: I love it when clients are happy. And nothing gets the creative endorphins circulating more — nothing produces greater flows of inspiration — than that pregnant pause after a presentation, followed by the surprised expressions of satisfaction with what we’ve produced. There’s no replacement for that; it’s a rush, and its necessary. Without it there’s no such thing as great work. And only clients can deal that drug.

Together We've Done Amazing Things

“Together we’ve done and are doing amazing things.”

#4: Shared Success
Maybe it’s paternal of us, but we love it when clients succeed. We feel a certain measure of success, too. Recently, a client company that hired us shortly after start-up was acquired. We were with them from the beginning. We consider every member of that company to be more like colleagues than clients. We’re so proud to see them reach their goals and to have helped them do it.

#5: Sources of Inspiration
Everybody needs a purpose; and our clients provide ours. Those who share their dreams and ask us to help are those who light us on fire. They give us a reason to perform at our best, and we try to never let them down. They contribute to our sense of service and keep us in constructive, productive, and creative mindsets. They provide our mission.

Final Thoughts

No thoughts. Just gratitude and appreciation. This one is for you, our clients, our colleagues, our friends. Thank you one and all.

Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos

About the Author

Jonathan D. Spiliotopoulos is a Partner with O’Brien Communications Group (www.obriencg.com), a business-to-business brand-management and marketing communication firm with responsibilities ranging from brand creation and creative concepting, to graphic design, web development, and more. He’s also an experienced teacher/trainer, presenter, a newbie dad, and is active in a number of communities and forums — online and in the real world — dedicated to helping others achieve their goals.

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