The OCG Blog

The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

The OCG Blog

The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. The point of our blog is to challenge your thinking, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to help you see your brand differentiation can be a distinction with an engaging difference.

Maybe Its Your Tone

Your character and attitude can play a big part in creating a bond with your prospects and proving your authority on the topic at hand.

Presidential Campaign Quotes

Marketing people know that nothing is more valuable than the right message. And who better to demonstrate than eight recent Presidents of the United States?

The Fog of (Marketing) Language

A presumably well-intended bloke from Australia — Anton Buchner, a senior consultant with TrinityP3, "Global Marketing Management Consultants" — wrote a presumably well-intentioned informercial, which he attempted to disguise as a blog post entitled, "Marketing...

Time Management

Being organized and knowing how to go about your day effectively seems like a task that would be easy to teach someone, especially for those who can do it.

5 More Questions Leaders Should Be Asking All the Time

You may or may not be happy to know Harvard Business Review (HBR) is still at it. That's right. The venerable publication seems hell-bent on retaining its status as the business world's most prestigious purveyor of puerile palaver and preposterous prattle. More power...

The Color Green

If someone were looking for insight from a professional female between the ages of 30-35 for some target market research, I would like you to know that green gives me a feeling of freshness, newness, and peacefulness.

The Leadership Vortex

As regular readers of this blog know, I've been worried about Harvard Business Review for quite some time. In addition to the fact that the brain-trust seems to have gone brain-dead, the editorial staff seems to have taken permanent leave, and the rest of the...

The Fine Art of Doing Nothing

I'm writing this post on Saturday morning. Tomorrow morning, I'll marry Anne, the most beautiful woman and the finest human being I've ever known. For a while this morning, we sat drinking coffee together, talking of our wedding and the trip we'll take afterward. Anne...

♫ And Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is ♫ … Where?

There are many things you can do with a brand: You can create it. You can establish it. You can promote it. You can position it to earn the trust of its constituents. You can evolve it. You can add sub-brands, attributes, and value propositions to it. You can even...

Decisions, Decisions

What we have to remember is to be conscious of as many decisions as we can and try to make the right ones …and remember Roy Disney’s advice.

True Colors

In this era of consumer connectedness, endless reviews, and product ratings, it’s been said that a brand is only as good as its last product. Is that right?

The Death of Branding Focus

I haven't done much stonework in my life. But inexperience doesn't much daunt me. Neither does taking the initiative. So, having heard that branding was on the way out, I decided to fire preemptively and cut a tombstone for it. While I wasn't happy about branding's...

Communication is Key

The focus on communication is simple when it comes to marketing; but communication with clients, vendors and contractors is also another huge part of the behind-the-scenes work.

Try Thinking (Like a Person)

I'm one of those rare people who doesn't mind going to the dentist. I don't mind going to my dentist for two reasons: First, she's very good at what she does. Second, the combination of her pleasantness and the reading material in her waiting room afford a kind of...

Who’d ‘a’ Thunk It?

Several years ago, we were hired to design, write, and publish a commemorative book for the 75th anniversary of the New England Water Environment Association. We learned many fascinating things while conducting our research for that project. Among the more...

Houses of Cards

The most amazing thing about houses of cards isn't how flimsy they are. It isn't the delicate, precarious balance required to make them stand. It isn't the skill with which they need to be assembled or the guile required to make it appear as if they have substance. It...


I'm profoundly haunted by the fact that our undoing — the undoing of culture, of society, of civility — is attributable to one very obvious lack: unity. We know it. We've known it for a long time. If you don't believe that, find the time to watch this. By today's...

Let’s Talk About Sales

For many of my friends and co-workers, the coffee bean is as essential as lavender oil to a stress-relief yoga-therapy session. Until that dehydrated bean juice crosses your lips, there is no starting the day. But why is it that some of us prefer extra cream while others need 10 packets of Splenda?

Simple Security Tips

Most companies have fantastic security. The weak links are users like you and me. But we can be better by following two simple pieces of advice.

Stone(d) Crazy

Following in the footsteps of media outlets everywhere, has taken to publishing the patently obvious — packaging it as insight, foresight, clear sight, industry news ... or something. Hence we have, "Insurance implications of legal marijuana:...

Telecommuting: It Works for me

I like to think of myself as a modern day super-woman. For example, in a one-hour lunch break, I can fold a load of laundry, bring snacks and fresh water out to the chickens, let the dogs outside to do their business,

Five More Subtle Signs Your Boss Is Hoping You’ll Quit

Suffering from what appears to be business publishing's rampant dearth of content, Fast Company picked up this article previously published by Monster: "Five Subtle Signs Your Boss Is Hoping You'll Quit". That little slice of brilliantly blinding insight imparts this...

A Secret for Sales People

It’s a pretty common occurrence for sales people to know a company they would like to approach but not know who to get in touch with. Using Google can sometimes help with finding a name and title, but more often than not, the email address becomes difficult to pin down.

Are Landing Pages Important?

A quick search for the “value of landing pages” will yield two reasons to use them that can be summarized thusly: Landing pages increase conversions and are lead generation monsters.

Ya Know (What) I Mean

What the hell happened? I realize ya know showed up right about the same time as um, uh, ah, well, basically, ya see, and other rhetorical delay tactics came into popular usage. They're delay tactics because they're the utterances we use in the attempt to conceal the...

How To Properly Read an Email

In today’s spam-ridden email world, it seems as if some folks have forgotten how to read an email. Being in account management, I send out my fair share of email correspondence each day and am truly baffled at how little people read what I have written, especially if there is an attachment.

Content Marketing: By the Numbers

When you structure your content correctly, you’ll maximize the amount of text people read. And when you improve the readability of that text, you’ll increase both comprehension and retention. As a bonus, when you do both, your SEO score will increase naturally.

Four Ways To Get Fired At (From) Work

I have an idea for a new product. It's called Egregiously Chuckleheaded Opinion Liability Insurance (ECOLI). It would indemnify publications that print bad advice — along with the the addlepated know-it-alls who author that advice with no regard for the unintended...