The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. It isn’t to encourage, endorse, or engage in conformity. The point of our blog is to provoke, to counter popular notions, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to challenge you to think and achieve more than you might otherwise. Whatever happens, it’s worth the endeavor.


The point of our blog isn’t to show you how up to date we are with buzzwords and jargon. It isn’t to instruct you with how-to guides, tips, tricks, and hacks. It isn’t to encourage, endorse, or engage in conformity. The point of our blog is to provoke, to counter popular notions, to question the status quo, to prompt your imagination, and to challenge you to think and achieve more than you might otherwise. Whatever happens, it’s worth the endeavor.

In the Moment

Full disclosure: I have a saying from Groucho Marx, framed and sitting on a bookshelf, right next to my desk. I read it every day. It says this: Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can...

Language Pollution

Most of us – almost all – must take in and give out language as we do breath, and we had better consider the seriousness of language pollution as second to only air pollution. (John Simon)

It’s Only Words: Part Three

In the immediately previous post in this series, I proposed a cautionary statement by which we might attempt to find — if not to re-establish respect for and insistence on — meaning and substance in written communication. (All but the most hearty and quixotic among us...

The Beginning of this School Year

Welcome to the last week of August! The new school year is upon us! Social Media is officially abuzz with photographs of children we’ll never meet donning smiles faker than the ones in those family couch pictures taken at Christmas.

An Ode to Ephemera

I begin this post with two statements, the cause-and-effect relationship between which I'll leave to you, dear reader: I vociferously believe1984 should be required reading. I live in a constant state of low-level anxiety. I don't know that my nagging sense of dread...

Marketing Should Be Simple: Part Trois

At risk of sounding demanding or presumptuous, we'd like an A for effort. Here's why: We took shots at pointing out that — and how — marketing should be simple here and here. To no avail. But since we consider quit to be a four-letter word, we're back for another...

It Goes On

It’s mid-August – that special time of year when you can’t decide if the summer has gone by really fast or if you’re still enjoying it.


When I was in school, I was so good at math I became an English major. In college, the only two courses I dropped were Economics, which required the calculation and distribution of scarce resources (math) and Chemistry, which required the calculation and disposition...

A Tale of Biases

While gut reactions are often the most reliable, they’re never the most informed. Be patient, question everything, and evaluate thoroughly.

The Infolessgraphic

If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter. (variously attributed) You could have seen this coming a mile away. It would have required neither crystal ball nor Ouija Board, neither soothsayer nor shaman. All you would have had to do is hang around...

When Did You Get So Big?

Sometimes I wonder how time seems go so fast. How’s the summer almost over? When did my kids get so big? Take the time! Reflect on your accomplishments.

Epidemic Surrogacy: Part Three

I can't decide if we've lost the will to take care of ourselves or the ability. I can't decide which would be worse. And I can't decide who should be more ashamed: the ostensible adult who posted the following message on LinkedIn — or the ostensible adult on whose...


I read an article in Fast Company the other day called, "What if We Killed the Job Interview?" On first reading, it ripped the common sense out of my skull, stomped it to a gelatinous dollop, and left it writhing and sparking in a series of random, errant synapse...

The Clever Commode

While writing last week’s post, I learned about the one-of-a-kind TOTO Dual Flush toilet. I also ran across a few smart devices for the latrine.

Harvard Bandwagon Review

I used to think the coolest job in the world was playing rhythm guitar on Lyle Lovett's ''She's No Lady". I changed my mind. Presuming it's a paying gig, I now think the coolest job in the world is editing Harvard Business Review (HBR). It's cool because, apparently,...

Meetings: An Exit Strategy

I read another of Harvard Business Review's inimitably intellectual and brilliantly informative articles the other day. It was called, "How to Get Out of a Meeting You Know Will Waste Your Time". Its thesis was this: You can often predict which meetings will be...

Point of View

Thinking of situations from different points of view can be a humorous and empathy-building activity. It can also bring up good topics for your next barbeque.

Lord of the Flies … and Bass Players

Despite my disdain for bureaucracies, I'm a firm believer in leadership. So, I could only shake my head when I read a piece of utopian nonsense called, "Imagine a company with no leaders - I mean NO leaders!" I don't doubt the author is a good guy. And his post starts...

New Life

Physical, mental, financial, and emotional work goes into creating new life — the beauty and awe doesn’t come effortlessly.

Epidemic Surrogacy: Part Two

In the first post on this topic, as indications of our growing dependency on being told what to do — and as evidence of the rampant proliferation of public nuisances who are only too happy to tell us what to do — I cited Exhibits A through C. As a public service, I...

Conference Season

We’ve been in conference season for a few months now. I’m sure if you spend any time on social media, you’ve likely read all of this year’s hashtags.

Your Amazon Insurance Agent

Because we work with a number of companies that sell software and services to the insurance industry, we hear all kinds of things. Some of them are understandable enough. They're fair, balanced, and reasonable. Some of the other things we hear? Not so much. They range...

My Blue Logo

When you think of the color blue, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the smell of fresh linens blowing in the breeze? Perhaps the memory of your last visit to the beach, the blue water pulsing closer and closer with each incoming wave.

Spidey Sense

If you weren't paying attention during the last days of April, you missed much, most of which was a dizzying blur of inconsequential nonsense. This is just a random sampling of the gratuitous junk that made it into the headlines: North and South Korea met for some...

Does Mom Always Know Best?

She picked out your clothes and loves bragging about your life’s accomplishments. But mom may not be the right person to consult about business endeavors.

It’s Only Words: Part Two

There's a well-worn axiom, particularly in the worlds of business and politics, that goes like this: "Never believe anything until it's officially denied." I'd like to propose a corollary, pertaining to the predilection, particularly in the worlds of...

Honor and Remember

Memorial Day is a U.S. federal holiday for remembering the men and women who lost their lives during their military service. It’s not a holiday meant for celebration. It’s a holiday for remembrance. A holiday to honor and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Break It To ‘Em Gently

Harvard Business Review (HBR) would like you to know that, in the world of business, feelings are more important than results. That's right. In a world in which we award participation trophies just for showing up, it's more important to make sure people are happy,...


There are several different types of people and several different ways in which they maintain their possessions. For example, my uncle is the type of guy that schedules routine maintenance on all his vehicles – the oil changes are never overdue, and the seasonal tune-ups are timely.

The Process

In a blog post I published a few weeks ago, I wrote this: Once the organization — any organization — is large enough, no one needs to care about anything. Executive functions (making policy) are separated from work (conducting the activities that generate the...

Arguments: The View From the Balcony

Whether you are trolling social media, sitting at the dinner table with your extended family, or trying to identify fault and resolution with a client or co-worker, you may find yourself dealing with an inevitable argument. Arguments can happen in every aspect of our lives, every day.

My Interview With a Digital Transformation Expert

Given the esteemed stature and hallowed reputation of this publication (to say nothing of its author), I was granted an exclusive interview with Albert Murfwhiffle, chief technology officer (CTO) at OmniTotal Megasystems. Al (that's Al, short for Albert, not AI, short...

Your Brand and Social Media

Social Media has been around for about 21 years. Most technological historians agree the first social media platform was Six Degrees in 1997. During its double-decade reign, social media has infiltrated our lives and changed the way we communicate.

The Big Wheel

A few months ago, my colleague and LinkedIn connection, Nick Sternberg, posted this: Genuinely afraid for the masses of workers who won't be able to find work in the next few years due to contracting economic conditions and more efficient and automated workforces. But...

Intellectual Extinction

More than 30 years ago, when I was but a newbie in what turned out to be my last corporate gig (thank God), I worked for one particularly inept Vice President in the proverbial Home Office. One of the VP's responsibilities was for the national sales organization,...


Have you ever participated in a conversation with a rambler? You know the lady – Becky Babbles – who can go from one topic to another without allowing others in the circle to speak. At times she poses valid theories and ideas. Sometimes she spews pure nonsense.

Experiencing the Customer-Experience Experience

In January, a gentleman who's one of my LinkedIn connections and whose thinking I admire greatly, published an article that gave me pause. It was called, "4 Customer Experience Trends and Predictions for 2018". I wanted to take it at face value and believe every word...

TOM of ToM

Theory of Mind (ToM) is an ability that humans develop in their early lives that allows them to understand others and to fully function in our social society. Several cognitive skills are required to be able to be so fully functional.

Ageism is Getting Old

Enough already with ageism. I may be insensitive. But I'm not young. And ageism is just another card played from the ever-growing deck of victimhood. It's another special interest. It's childish and irresponsible because this is its underlying message: It's not my...


I am sure you can understand the feeling — the first time you were given a key to close the building, dropping off a large cash deposit, logging into the back end of your website, or being left alone with your baby for the first time.

What We Did On Our Spring Vacation

This past weekend, my wife and I had the opportunity to flee the confines of Connecticut for the pampering peace of the Woodstock Inn & Resort in Woodstock, Vermont. As we drove north on I-91 Friday afternoon, we encountered flourishing fusillades of flying...

Digital Transformation

I was recently involved in a LinkedIn thread in which digital transformation was being discussed. Since I don't understand what digital transformation means — and since I didn't get the sense from any of the other comments in the thread that any of the other...

Words Matter

Specific colors can evoke specific feelings, just as specific words can evoke specific feelings. How does the word punch make you feel? Or herpetology? Or moist? Some words may even make you feel uncomfortable when they are meant as complimentary.

April Fools

We have to wonder at the pandemic extent to which our gullibility is running rampant when even the Easter Bunny falls for the notion that we might actually celebrate Easter on April Fool's Day. We have to wonder. But we can't be surprised. Consider just two examples:...


Sales and marketing go hand in hand. Being on the marketing side of this equation, I have met members of many sales forces. For some of them, it’s difficult to take a step back and simplify their messages.