A Fresh Start

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

25 July 2019

Yesterday, I received a new laptop. I’d sent my previous laptop in for some repairs, and the insurance company determined it to be a total loss. The metal hinge had broken and cracked the plastic outside cover. Why might you ask? I likely didn’t open and close it as gingerly as I should have for the last three years. And while it’s exciting to get new equipment, it’s also going to be a time-consuming process to get it up and running with all of my programs and contacts restored. But despite the struggles I endured before receiving the new laptop and the time it’ll take to get the new one up and running, this is a fresh start. And it’s taught me a good lesson.

Think of a time you had a fresh start. In order to get there, what had to happen? Once you were there, how did you feel?

Was it a new job? Perhaps it was a new car? Or maybe even a new perspective on a particular situation? If it was a new job, you likely left your old one. Was that a tricky situation to navigate? What got you to the point of leaving? If it was a new car situation, you likely had a lease expire or your old car had broken down. If you’ve ever gotten a new vehicle, you know how long it takes to find the right one along with the right deal. How many papers did you have to sign in order to drive away? And since we’re talking about new perspectives, you likely had to run into a brick wall with your old perspective to start your journey, right?

The idea of a fresh start is exhilarating. Thinking about walking into a new career with new people, we imagine better experiences along with better pay. But what happens after a year or two? Do you end up searching for another fresh start?

Without a new perspective or at least some further examination of yourself, it’s only a matter of time until your fresh start becomes the latest thing to run from. So, if you find yourself searching for that new beginning, maybe you should take some accountability about why you feel the need to start again.

When it comes to this laptop, I’m going to treat it more gently. I’m going to accept that it’s an essential piece of equipment required to get my work done. But I’ll still insure it because I’ll never bet against my ability to make a mistake.

Come to think of it, mistakes might be the best way to come by fresh starts.