Icy Emerald

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

18 March 2021

The sun wouldn’t rise for a few hours, but she was up early today. She didn’t need an alarm clock. She’d been waiting for this day for an entire year. She stretched her arms out wide and let out a big yawn. Practically jumping out of her cozy bed, she pranced over to her closet. There was a gorgeous shamrock-colored dress awaiting her. She took the dress off the hanger carefully and slipped it over her small frame. It was a perfect fit. After twirling around in the mirror admiring herself, she headed over to her vanity to accessorize. She chose a sparkly headdress, emerald elongated drop earrings, and a matching emerald tennis bracelet. She was ready.

Before she opened her front door, she took a deep breath and smiled. She felt confident in the day ahead. She knew she’d be successfully sly and carefully spry. She opened the door and with the darkness as her cover, she went right to the back door of the house. She knew she’d be able to fit right under the crack of the door without messing up her dress. She’d practiced this at least a dozen times in preparation for today. After another deep breath, she entered the house.

She could hardly contain her excitement. She wanted to sprint quickly through the house to accomplish her goal, but she also knew there were two very large animals that guarded this home. She kept her goal in mind and slyly crept through the kitchen. She kept close to the wall hoping she wouldn’t attract any unwanted attention.

She did it! She successfully navigated all the way to the bathroom. Once she got there, she climbed under the vanity and found her stash. There was a stack of chocolate coins and magical green color-changing liquid. She first grabbed the liquid and squirted it into the toilet. These kids wouldn’t know what’s coming! They’d wake up in the morning and laugh at her hijinks! She descended to her stash once more to grab the coins.

This was the hardest part. She had to make it to the dining room table with the heavy bag of coins without waking anyone. She took a deep breath and felt confident. She knew she could do it. She lifted the bag up high over her head and took small yet spry steps. And before she knew it, she was there. She deposited the coins in two small piles for the kids. And before she went back home, she made a pit stop in the fridge to make the water, the juice, and the milk green, too!

Before she knew it, the little leprechaun was back in her house. She was smiling ear to ear knowing her mission was a success. She was glad she planned it so well and was able to execute the drill. She couldn’t wait to sit at the window in a few hours and watch the kids laughing and curiously wondering about her.

Happy day-after St. Patrick’s Day!