Little Lavender

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

29 April 2021

About six weeks ago, my children and I planted some seeds. We each picked three kinds, so we ended up with nine different varieties. And boy were we successful! Each seed grew into a seedling and now we have a plethora of plants to share with our neighbors and friends.

All nine varieties bloomed … except one. My poor little lavender plant. I’m not one to give up easily, so I kept her covered and watered her regularly. As the eight other varieties started to tower over her, I began to give up hope. I spoke to my best friend – who just happens to be a farmer – and she suggested I look into their germination. She thought lavender took longer to germinate than other plants. And just like that, my confidence was renewed. Google told me it can sometimes take a month for lavender to germinate. So, I remained attentive to my little lavender seeds and stayed the course.

A Tiny Little Seedling

When I woke up this morning, I did the usual routine. I looked at the plant nursery that sits atop the dresser in my bedroom. I sang good morning to my beautiful plant friends and noticed a new, tiny seedling in the lavender pot. She made it! She sprouted! I wondered if the Pink Supermoon had something to do with her birth.

I’m not sure if the other seeds I planted along side her will start to grow soon. I’m also not sure if she’ll grow until she’s hardy enough to smell the beautiful aroma she’s well-known for. But I do know she’s started on her journey and right now, that’s enough.

Different Germination

While humans may not germinate in the seed sense, I think we all come to different levels of our growth and understanding at different times. I think of the dozens of high school classmates I’ve lost prematurely over the years to drugs. They weren’t drug addicts because they were gross and awful people. They were addicts because they had experienced some awful things and never learned a healthy way to cope. If the drugs didn’t take them, I’m sure they would’ve had a chance to germinate in the years to come. But unfortunately, life doesn’t work like that.

I also think of the people I know who project and deflect their terrible self-perceptions onto others. They aren’t mean and cruel because they think it’s fun. They’re mean and cruel because they haven’t figured out a way to be loving and peaceful. And life doesn’t mandatorily teach those lessons; although, for their sakes (and the people around them), I wish it would.

And then I think of myself. In the 36 years I’ve been alive, I’ve gone through many levels of personal development and soul searching. The person I was 20 years ago, doesn’t even come close to resembling who I am today. And I hope I can continue that journey – with all the ebbs and flows that will come along the way. And if I do it right, the person I am 20 years from now won’t resemble the person I am today.

So what if my germination is similar to that of my little lavender. She’s different from her eight other nursery members, and she’s perfect just the way she is.