New Life

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

28 June 2018

There’s something a tad indescribable that happens when you lay eyes on new life. The feeling is exponentially greater when it’s a human life. But even seeing a day-old chick, a fresh flower blossom, or a new company launch can force you to stop and think. With any new life, there’s physical, mental, financial, and emotional work that goes into creating it — the beauty and awe doesn’t come effortlessly.

I was privileged enough to snuggle a newborn baby boy this past Tuesday night. To witness the glory of brand new eyes beginning to process the world and watch your friends transform into parents is a rare experience. When you’re allowed into that moment, it changes you. The smell, the overwhelming joy, the peaceful quiet, and soft baby skin has to change you. It forces you to reflect on your own life — to think of where you are, how you got there, and if you belong.

Last week, I was able to watch a friend and colleague launch her own company. Watching a dream turn into a reality is another extremely reflective and humbling experience. It doesn’t happen overnight; although, it may start with a little idea. Turning that idea into a business is a feat not many are able to follow through to completion. When the right business plan is in the hands of a person with courage and grit, it can take the next step and find out who it is. The identity creation — which extends into items like business cards and a website — gives the brand a life and personality. A press release is crafted and a business is born!

It may officially be summer, but I am still strongly feeling the rejuvenation of spring this year. New life is erupting all around, and I love the effect it has on me. Just taking some time to reflect on my own life. Monday, July 2nd is the halfway mark of the year. Reflecting on what I have done in the last 183 days, I must confess to being content with where I am, proud of how I got here, and exactly where I belong.