Point of View

JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

6 July 2018

Fourth of July

On July 4th each year, towns across America host firework shows, orchestrate parades, and celebrate the acceptance of our declaration. Our national pride beams as we adorn red, white and blue outfits covered in stars and stripes. But what does the fourth of July feel like for Elizabeth Alexandra Mary? Does she wake up in a bad mood, wondering how much wealthier she’d have been with all those tea tariffs? Or does the day go by and she doesn’t realize it until her grand-daughter-in-law shows up for tea in festive attire?


Yellowjackets have a bad reputation. If they feel threatened by a creature over 1,000 times their size, they come together and stab it with their pointy butts until it runs away. They take advantage of their social society and work together to support their main mission – protect and serve the queen. You must admire dedication and honor like that and also give it some space. Three summers ago, my 17lb. Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix was stung over 20 times by those little soldiers after choosing the wrong place to dig. We decide to protect our pack and burned down their house. Sorry guys. Hope you got the queen out safe.

Ring Ring

Tele sales folks have it bad these days. It seems as if everyone has caller ID and people with decision making capabilities rarely want to talk to strangers. Even if the CEO picked up the phone, how’d he be convinced to buy a service in five-minutes? With a full hour of his time booked, would enough of his needs be uncovered to prescribe a solution? I’m still not going to answer the phone when I see an unknown number. From my perspective, if I’m not seeking out a service, I don’t want it to be forced down my throat. But does that mean I’m missing out?

Thinking of situations from different points of view can be a humorous and empathy-building activity. It can also bring up good topics for your next barbeque. And maybe while Uncle John is sweating by the grill, you should think of his perspective and ask him if he wants a cold drink.