JoAnna Bennett

JoAnna Bennett, O’Brien Communications Group

31 October 2019

Happy Halloween! Towns throughout CT have postponed trick-or-treating for this evening due to the impending weather unpleasantries. Some folks are livid about the change. They want kids stomping out in the rain and wind for candy on October 31st! It’s an outrage! After all, they did it once or twice and didn’t die.

Okay people, I know as a species we’re innately terrified of change. But I’m thrilled for the real-life, practical accommodation. I’m a full-time working, single mom of two amazing children under the age of 5. I don’t want to rush around on a school/work night for the sole purpose of having my kids shove sugary substances down their precious throats. This is a recipe for disaster! Why did our parents allow it?

Hi Peers

We’re the adults now! That usually just means we have to work, pay bills, sleep, and repeat. But today it also means we can postpone Halloween — to a day more convenient and less inclement. Why not? The only thing worse than kids hopped up on candy after their bedtimes is wet kids hopped up on candy after their bedtimes.

Just because our parents thought it would toughen us up to walk around in the rain in late October doesn’t mean we have to expose future generations to that trauma. Our parents could also smoke and drink while pregnant, leave us unattended in the car while they went shopping, and let us chew on paint chips. But we learned a thing or two in the years that have passed …


Just because it’s always been that way, doesn’t mean it will always have to be.

Trick-or-Treating on November 2nd instead of October 31st doesn’t mean we’re failing as a society. It means we’re evolving. Why torture ourselves for the sake of the past? Let’s embrace change along with a dry costume made of flimsy polyester on a sugar-rushing and overtired child that doesn’t have school in the morning.


Who would argue with that? Why?