A presumably well-intended bloke from Australia — Anton Buchner, a senior consultant with TrinityP3, “Global Marketing Management Consultants” — wrote a presumably well-intentioned informercial, which he attempted to disguise as a blog post entitled, “Marketing independence is under attack but does anyone care?” In it, he stated:

Creative agencies’ solutions are typically tied to recommending creative communications solutions, whether they be data-driven, digitally grounded, or more traditional in nature.

I know I’m not the typical reader. And there’s sufficient evidence to suggest I’m nuts. But if I’m going to a creative agency, I’m looking for creative communications solutions; although, I wouldn’t call them solutions with a bazooka to my head unless, of course, they were salt water or milk of magnesia. Both of those are verifiable solutions.

But no. Anton has much higher intentions for all of us. He wants us to be independent:

Independence … means that you have the freedom to choose … when looking for independent advice, you should demand true independence. There shouldn’t be undue influence to use the advisor’s services.

And how is it that we will achieve independence? How will we reach a state of absolute liberation from the tried, true, and derivatively mundane? Come on. I know you can do this. Concentrate. Close your eyes if you have to. RIGHT! Hire TrinityP3:

At TrinityP3 we tailor a bespoke proposal and approach to every client we meet. We never know what is required until we get under the skin of the actual problem the client is facing.

Wow! These guys must really be something! They create custom approaches for each client by … Hey! Wait a minute.

If we actually took the time to read Anton’s self-serving blithering, we could name his 1,031-word tune in just 16 words, in this order:

  • Listen to your client.
  • Prioritize his objectives.
  • Create the appropriate strategic plan with commensurately prioritized tactics.

How did we get to the point at which we believe that approach to be singular, novel, or magic? Has the CDC issued warnings about a gullibility epidemic? Has the DSM codified gullibility as a mental disorder? Is it treatable?

Good grief.

The truth is independence needs to be put back everywhere. Critical thinking and common sense would be great places to start.

In the meantime, don’t get lost in the fog of (marketing) language.

Image by Free-Photos, courtesy of pixabay.com.