We’re going to step away for a few days to be with our families, to rest, to reflect, to recall all of the things by which we’re blessed, and to be thankful for every one of them. Here are two short lists:

At home, we’re thankful for:

  • The love and comfort of family and friends
  • The hands we hold
  • The hands that hold ours
  • The joy we derive from belonging
  • The memories we share of the lives that have graced ours.

At work, we’re thankful for:

  • The faith of our clients that’s sustained us for nearly 12 years
  • The opportunities they give us to be pointedly creative
  • The challenges they trust us to meet
  • The success they allow us to share with them
  • The joy we derive from what we do.

We wish all of our brothers and sisters — particularly those who don’t have as much to be thankful for as we do — peace and joy and the good fortune to find them, love and hope and the courageous will to sustain them.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Image by geralt, courtesy of pixabay.com.