Following last week’s press release, Yours Truly (YT) interviewed the two principals quoted in the release — Herman Belch (HB) of World Technology Firm (WTF) and Albert Murfwhiffle (AM) of Nano File Works (NFW). Herein, a transcript of that interview.

YT: Gentlemen, you’ll forgive me for suggesting the press release in which you announced the partnership between your respective companies seemed a tad scant on substance and a bit long on jargon. Could you clarify your offerings for me?

HB: I’m not sure what you might have found unclear about ecosystems that comprise innovative, disruptive solutions and services. But what little vagueness you might have discerned in the release can likely be attributed to the reticence Al and I share for giving away our secret sauces.

AM: Yeah. And if I may, I find your referring to popularly accepted industry terminology as jargon to smack of cynicism.

YT: Yes. While I’ll certainly consider myself to be duly admonished, I do have to wonder: In this particular instance, could either of you tell me the difference between cynicism and realism?

HB and AM: ::: crickets :::

YT: Well, moving on then. Can you tell me what specific value the partnership of your two companies will deliver to your customers — those you presently share and those that remain prospects at the moment?

HB: That’s a good question. Research shows that the ecosystems of our customers and prospects have a real need for the innovative solutions and services, as well as the emerging, disruptive technologies of which our partnership will allow them to avail themselves.

YT: Can you tell me exactly what resear …?

AM: Precisely, Herman. And when you factor in the opportunities we’ll have to incubate digital solutions to real-world situations — and to leverage new paradigms to proactively recontextualise the need to incentivize web-enabled vortals — you start to understand the value of what we’re doing.

YT: Indeed. But back to my question about that resear ….

HB: And we’d be remiss if we didn’t lend some extensibility to the discussion by pointing out the fact that WTF and NFW will mutually benefit from our being able to co-develop enterprise technology that will synergistically reinvent viral metrics for the future.

YT: Of that, I have no doubt. Could we just get a little more detail about that resear …?

AM: At risk of getting ahead of ourselves, I have to add here that we haven’t even begun to tap the potential of Big Data to fundamentally reconstitute our ecosystems. As soon as Big Data gets even slightly Bigger, we’ll be able to utilize it in our quickly maturing efforts to analyze, isolate, and disintermediate ubiquitous methodologies that will axiomatically transform the way the world maximizes e-business infrastructures.

YT: Are ever going to talk about that resear … Is either of you starting to feel a little woozy?

HB: Don’t worry about a thing, kid. It takes a lot of energy to get your ahead around these kinds of concepts.

AM: Yeah. Ya didn’t expect to get past third base on the first date, did ya? Har, har, har!