Because I’m an almost universally recognized, globally renowned, and highly sought expert in my field; because I’m a household name on most continents; and because I’m unfailingly modest, I’m perennially asked: “Dude. What do you consider to be the one, most important piece of marketing advice you could give?”

Whenever that question is put to me, I always give the same answer: “Don’t listen to me or any other would-be expert. Rather, listen to your customers first, your prospects second, and your Spidey sense third.”

Here’s why:

  • Your customers already know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing not-so-right. Listening to them will teach you what to do, what not to do, and what you might be able to do just a little better. No matter what, it’ll keep you humble.
  • Your prospects know what they need. Listening to them will indicate how you should respond. It’ll give you opportunities to create new products and new services. Most important, it’ll leave you precious little time to talk about yourself. No matter what, it’ll keep you humble.
  • Your Spidey sense knows how much of #1 and #2 you should take to heart. You’re not perfect. Neither are you infinitely flawed. Listening to your Spidey sense will ground and direct you. It’ll let you know what to heed and what not to heed. It’ll let you know what to give, how much of it to give, and when to give it. No matter what, it’ll keep you humble.

Some guy named Socrates, who was far less famous than I am, is reputed to have said, “To find yourself, think for yourself.” While he was a virtual unknown, he must have been lucky: As it turns out, he was right.

Think for yourself. You already know.

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