Oh, boy. Here’s another guy who wants to tell us what to do. It’s no coincidence, by the way, that he also wants to sell us something (dig a little more deeply under the free free Web training*):

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Have you ever wondered what makes some people think homo sapiens are a particularly impatient, intolerant species? That’s not a rhetorical question. When you contemplate the evidence, in fact, calling us impatient and intolerant is a downright bum rap.

It hardly takes Holmesian powers of observation to realize we have the patience to put up with being told how to do just about everything. Nor does it require Einsteinian capacities of cognition to comprehend we have the tolerance to put up with the myriad nincompoops who want to tell us how to do it. What the hell are we doing?

I know what we’re not doing: Trusting ourselves. To the contrary, we’re giving ourselves up and over to every self-appointed expert who puts up a website, publishes a book, creates a blog, writes a column, has a successful business, makes a movie, records a song, plays a sport professionally, wins an Olympic medal, has a reality TV show, runs for political office, is considered a celebrity by any stretch of credulity and idol worship, or presumes he knows more than we do for any reason or no reason. Are we nuts?

If you really want to spend your money on something (since shameless plugs have apparently become de rigueur) — and if you want to spend it on something that will gently remind you why we need not heed the increasingly frequent intrusions of the nosey — buy this. If it ends up restoring your self-faith, we can both consider it a win.

The nosey do NOT know. They don’t deserve our attention. And they certainly don’t deserve our money.

* The corollary to two wrongs don’t make a right, apparently, is two frees don’t mean free.